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601 Fort Bliss National Cemetery COY, Charles (I281)
602 Fort Gibson National Cem MOORE, Frederick Everett (I3248)
603 fought against Indians in King Phillip's War PRATT, Joseph (I3789)
604 Friedens Cem MOSES, Charles C (I3281)
605 Friedens Cem MOSES, Charles (I3280)
606 Friends Burying Ground GIFFORD, William (I1900)
607 Friends Burying Ground GIFFORD, Jabez (I1858)
608 Friends Burying Ground ?, Martha (I183)
609 Friends Cem DOBBINS, John (I1546)
610 from Cairo Evening Citizen, Friday, 24 Oct 1902:
John A. Sammons received a message from Thebes announcing the death of his stepmother, Mrs. Emily Sammons, last night. She was the widow of George W. Sammons, deceased, and own mother of Joel D. Sammons. She was the daughter of Rev. William Bracken, a well-known Baptist minister. She must have taken sick very suddenly as he was not aware of her illness. She was about 69 years of age. 
BRACKEN, Emily (I762)
611 Ft Sam Houston Cem Sec 14 Site 619 LONG, Anna Elizabeth (I2879)
612 Ft Sam Houston Cem Sec 14 Site 619 MCRAVEN, Claude Coy (I3133)
613 Furguson Cem WAKEFIELD, Isabella (I4789)
614 Garlington, William H C Jr. of 19th (Dockery's) Inf Regiment CSA- Company A
2LT - Enl 25 Feb 1862 at Lewisville, AR. Died 10 May 1862 at Memphis, TN
Buried Soldiers Rest, Elmwood Cem, Memphis, TN
note: Lewisville is in Lafayette Co

The 19th was first sent to Memphis, then north to Fort Pillow. On 12 Apr 1862, under heavy
bombardment, they moved from Ft Pillow to Corinth, MS.
On 9 May 1862, there was a battle at Farmington, just north of Corinth.
On 10 May 1862, there was river battle at Plum Run Bend and after which the victorious confed
retired to Memphis.

a Wm C Garlington served Company E 37 Ark (Bell's) Inf Private, Confed
Enl 8 May 1862 at Princeton, AR (Dallas Co, AR)
Present through 29 Feb 1864 
GARLINGTON, William Henry Clinton (I1826)
615 Genealogies of the Early Settlers of Watertown, MA by Henry Bond
p 731
16 Mar 1698 - Ester Brown sold to her son Joseph a house and 6 acres of land
bounded NE and NW by John Barnard; S by highway.
MAKEPEACE, Esther (I2907)
616 Genealogies of the Early Settlers of Watertown, MA by Henry Bond
p 147

Malachi Browning, propietor of homestall of 4 acres, 1642; d. in Boston
27 Nov 1658

also states

Thomas Browning, servant of Thomas Flemming, of Watertown, for repeated
felonies, was shipped, branded, and repeatedly imprisioned. See record of Court
1658 and subsequent. ??? poss. son ???

Although Malachi was not included in the All Saints or St. Mary's baptisimal records he was named
in William's will as "Malachy Brownyng my sonne". 
BROWNING, Malachi (I932)
617 Gernen Cem BELL, William (I5174)
618 Gifford Cem, 9610 Parker Branch Rd SLAUGHTER, Catherine (I4140)
619 Gifford Cem, 9610 Parker Branch Rd GIFFORD, Gideon (I1849)
620 Given at

Said that wife (1) was Patience RUSSELL

Family History: New England Families #2 CD 159

GIFFORD William Gifford, the immigrant
ancestor, was born in
England, and appears to have
been for a short time at Stamford, Connecticut,
and about 1647 his name appears in the court
records there. He certainly settled in the
Plymouth colony soon afterward, and in 1650
was a member of the grand inquest at Plymouth.
He continued to reside in Sandwich,
Massachusetts, until his death, with the exception
of five years between 1665 and 1670
when he with George Allen and the sons of
Peter Gaunt, all of Sandwich, together with
others, were first proprietors and settlers of
Monmouth, New Jersey, having purchased the
land of the Indians, and to whom the Monmouth
Patent was granted April 8, 1665. They
were adherents of the Quaker faith, and suffered
severely from persecution and vexatious
arrests and suits in Massachusetts and New
Jersey. Gifford owned land in Massachusetts,
Rhode Island and Connecticut. His Massachusetts
possessions consisted of land in Sandwich,
Falmouth and Dartmouth. He gave by
will to his sons Jonathan and James land at
Falmouth, and deeded to sons Robert and
Christopher lands at Dartmouth, Massachusetts,
both of whom built houses on their property.
Robert continued at Dartmouth, but
Christopher moved to Little Compton, Rhode
Island. Both have descendants in Southern
Massachusetts and Rhode Island. William

probably deeded his Connecticut lands to his
son John, who gave by will 100 acres in Connecticut
to his son Samuel, and 200 acres to his
grandsons. He died April 9, 1687. He married
twice. His second wife was Mary Mills,
whom he married July 16, 1688; she died February
10, 1734. Children of first wife: John,
died 1708; Hananiah, married Elizabeth
(???); William, died 1738; Christopher,
born July, 1658, died November 22, 1748;
Robert, born 1660, died 1730; Patience, died
1673, married Richard Kirby. Children of
second wife: Mary; Jonathan, born May 14,
1684; James, born March 10, 1685-86.
GIFFORD, William (I1903)
621 Gladys Johnson claims in Gen of Hanks Fam that Charles emmigrated aboard the Welcome along with
William Penn and George Fox. 31 people died on the crossing from small pox; Johnson claims that
brothers John and Gabriel were 2 of the 31. Can find nothing to back up these claims. 
WOLVERTON, Charles (I5069)
622 Glenwood Cem BEHYMER, Findley (I599)
623 Glenwood Cem BAILEY, Emma Elizabeth (I34)
624 Goble Priv Cem LINDSEY, Alice (I2844)
625 Goodhope Cem CHAFFIN, Amelia Ann (I1237)
626 Goodhope Cem LETCHWORTH, Thompson (I2826)
627 Grandmother's letters and early census records name him as John, not Don. MOORE, Don Bennett (I3241)
628 Grange EDWARDS, Margaret (I1689)
629 Grange GRIFFITH, John (I2020)
630 Grange MARSHALL, Jacob (I2959)
631 Grange MARSHALL, John (I2960)
632 Green County Records Abstract of Circuit Court Records 1840-1845, pg 25
19 May 1845 Jacob Lakey was empaneled on Grand Jury  
LAKEY, Jacob (I2747)
633 Green Grove Cem LINVILLE, Drusilla Jane (I224)
634 Green Mount Catholic Cem KOHL, Edward A (I2733)
635 Green Mount Catholic Cem MCRAVEN, Mattie Marie (I3153)
636 Green Mount Cem KOHL, Robert Henry (I298)
637 Greene county, IN was not created until 1821. Was part of either Sullivan or Daviess in 1820. DOBBINS, Ruth (I1550)
638 Greenwood Memorial Park MCRAVEN, Maude Clodine (I3156)
639 Greewood Memorial Park JAYNES, Charles Alvin (I2521)
640 Grove Hill Cem EDGMON, Hezikiah Columbus (I10)
641 Gwinn Fam Cem HARSHBARGER, Rachel (I2252)
642 Gwinn Fam Cem GWINN, Andrew (I2036)
643 Hail Memorial Cem GIFFORD, Priscilla Lorrane (I1887)
644 Halbrook Cem HILBURN, Malinda Rebecca (I2333)
645 Halbrook Cem HALBROOK, Thomas Jefferson (I2112)
646 Halbrook Cem HALBROOK, Rebecca Malinda (I2108)
647 Halbrook Cem HALBROOK, Joseph Erwin (I2102)
648 Halbrook Cem HALBROOK, Jeremiah Thomas (I2099)
649 Halbrook Cem HALBROOK, Elizabeth (I2090)
650 Halbrook Cem BOEN, William (I670)

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