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551 Douglas Cem MCCLURE, Mary (I3000)
552 Douglas Cem PHILLIPS, Stephan Craig (I3672)
553 Dunkard Cem CARSON, Albert B (I1129)
554 Dutch Mills Cem SPARKS, John E (I4260)
555 Dutch Mills Cem GROGAN, Mary Jane (I4061)
556 Dutches County NY Malitia - Associated Exempts
Rank - Enlisted Men
William Goodgoin
Taken from NY in the Rev as Colony and State, Vol 1 Extracts, pg 153 pub by JB Lyon Albany NY, 1904
also shown for Vol 2 originally published 1897, now online

may not be same guy 'cuz there is a Wm Goodgion in Shawangunk, Ulster, NY in 1800 as well as

1800 Greenville, SC number 533
Goodgine, Wm
1 male < 10
1 male 26-44
1 female 16-25

Robs Goodgine also in Greenville Co in 1800

There are Goodjoins in Maury Co in late 1820's and in 1840's.

A Wm. Goodgion signed a petition to claim land in the Congressional Reservation Oct 1813 to TN Seneate and House of Rep.
Anserching News (Memphis Genealogical Soc) Jul 1962, pg 81

Wills and Settlements Book C Vol 1, 1807-1810 Maury Co TN pg 342 Sale of John Dickson decd, 16 Nov 1819 buying: William Goodjoin 
GOODGOIN, William (I1974)
557 E Woodlawn Cem MOORE, Jules Verne (I3258)
558 East Newbern Cem BATTON, Gerald Dunn (I67)
559 Ebenezer Baptist Church HARRIS, Mary (I2229)
560 Ebenezer Church Cem TREADWAY, Daniel (I4546)
561 Ebenezer Church Cem JONES, Mary Margaret (I2572)
562 Edgemon-Wildwood Cem EDGMON, William Stephenson (I1681)
563 Edgemon-Wildwood Cem HARDY, Martha (I2187)
564 Edgmon Cem ALLEN, Jane (I322)
565 Edgmon Cem DEATHERAGE, Nancy (I1510)
566 Edgmon Cem EDGMON, Kimbel (I1647)
567 Edgmon Cem EDGMON, Martha Jane (I1651)
568 Edgmon Cem EDGMON, Polly (I1661)
569 Edgmon Cem EDGMON, Samuel Deatherage (I1670)
570 Edgmon Cem PERCY, Sarah (I3635)
571 Edgmon Cem PHILLIPS, Kissiah (I3663)
572 Edgmon Family Cem EDGMON, Margaret (I1649)
573 Edgmon Family Cem EDGMON, Mary Polly (I1654)
574 Edgmon Family Cem MATTHEWS, Aaron (I2981)
575 Edgmon Graveyard BOONE, Martha (I672)
576 Edgmon Graveyard EDGMON, Thomas (I1673)
577 Elberta Cem GIFFORD, Alfred Eldridge (I265)
578 Elijah Garrett Cem CASEY, Mary Polly (I1162)
579 Elizabeth McCullough married twice before she married Green Barrett
1st to James D Wiggins before 1850; 2nd to a Mr. Turner by 1854

Served in 68th Regt E Mo Militia. Held at STL as POW for 3 months.

BARRETT, Adolphus Green (I550)
580 Ellinjay Cem WAKEFIELD, Charles (I4769)
581 Elmwood Cem GARLINGTON, William Henry Clinton (I1826)
582 Elmwood Cem SULLIVAN, Alfred (I177)
583 Elmwood Cem ?, Adilee (I182)
584 enlisted at Ironton, Iron, MO for 121 days; furnished own horse WAKEFIELD, James Richard (I4791)
585 enlisted at Patterson, Wayne, MO; died at hospital at Nashville WAKEFIELD, William P (I4827)
586 Enlisted on [Chestnut, Cherment, ??] Hill near Philadelpia, German Town, Twp
PA in Oct 1775. Was in Battles of Quebec and Long Island (27 Aug 1776)
under Col Miles, ?Sterlings" Brigade
1st Rifle Regt of PA

Moved from Granville Co, NC to Sullivan Co, TN about 1800

First pension application 20 May 1818.

Pension Roll of 1835
Jacob Slaughter
Sullivan Co, TN
prvt NC Continental Line
$96.00 annual allowance
$1491.73 amt recd
05 Jan 1821 pension started
age 78

There is a John Slaughter 1782 Halifax VA Census p. 23
1782 Nash, NC
1782 Camden, NC

Listed as taxpayers in NC are Jacob and Jacob Jr in 1784 in Granville co, NC; several Johns, but none in Granville Co 
SLAUGHTER, John Jacob (I4141)
587 Ensay Cem LUCAS, William Alfred (I5177)
588 Evergreen Cem PHILLIPS, Dorothy M (I71)
589 Evergreen Cem BENNETT, Elizabeth (I61)
590 Evergreen Cem BEHYMER, Clara (I157)
591 Evergreen Cem MCCULLOUGH, Elizabeth (I3055)
592 Executors John Taylor and James Cochran LAKEY, Alexander (I2742)
593 Fairmount Cem SPARKS, Nancy Jane (I4268)
594 Fairmount Cem DEATHERAGE, James (I1500)
595 Fairview Cem EDGMON, Buford Oren (I16)
596 Fairview Memorial Park GREENE, Marvin (I1996)
597 Fairview Park Cem GREENE, Kenneth (I232)
598 Family Archives CD 162 Source (S243)
599 Family Archives CD 162 Source (S243)
600 Family History: New England Families #2 CD 159

CANFIELD Sergeant Thomas Canfield,
the immigrant ancestor, was
born in England. His surname
Canfield is also spelled Camfield and
Campfield. He was early at Milford, Connecticut,
but not among the first settlers, although
coming as early as 1647 from New
Haven, where he first located and had a grant
of three acres for a home lot. He was made
freeman in 1669; was representative to the
general court from Milford in 1673-74-76;
sergeant of the train band, May, 1669; and
deputy to the general assembly, 1674-76. He
was admitted to the church in 1657, and he
was taxed in 1686. He died at Milford between
February 23, 1687-88, and August 22,
1689. His will was dated February 23, 1687.

There is some confusion that this will might be for his
son Thomas. ?????

Sons Thomas and Jeremiah are listed as original proprietors
of New Milford, CT in 1727. Lots 40 and 99 respectively. 
CANFIELD, Thomas (I1119)

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