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501 Documents: marriage certificate, obituary

1900 Wayne Co MO - St Francois Twp, taken 08 June, page 116B
Wakefield, Isaac Newton Jun 1860 MO TN TN
Sarah E wife Feb 1860 MO TN TN
Carrie J dau Apr 1884
Gertie C dau Jan 1889
Lucy A dau Aug 1891
Hollenbeck, Leonard boarder Sep 1892 MO MO MO
married 17 years, 3 of 3 children living owned farm, mortgaged

1910 Wayne Co MO - Cedar Creek, taken 28 April, page 7B
Wakefield, Isaac N 49 MO TN TN farmer
Sarah E wife 50 MO GA TN
Carrie J dau 26 MO MO MO saleswoman, gen store
Gertie C dau 21 MO MO MO
Lucy A dau 18 MO MO MO saleswoman, gen store
Hickman, Mary A niece 6 MO MO MO
married 28 years, 3 of 3 children living owned farm free of mortgage

1930 Wayne co MO - Greenville, ward 1 St Francois Twp
ED 112-10 Supv Dist 14 sheet 5a page 101 / 397
line 23 dwelling 114 family 115 taken 11 April
Gifford, William S 47 married at 26 MO US US general farmer
Carrie J wife 46 married at 25 MO MO MO
Priscilla dau 18 MO MO MO
Lemuel son 16 MO MO MO single
Marie dau 10 MO MO MO
not living on farm, owned residence, $1500 value
# 2 on farm schedule

1940 Wayne MO - Greenville, St Francois twp, sheet 6b
ennumeration district 112-10, household 133, line 60
Gifford, WS 57 MO same place G3 farmer. rents $4/month
Carrie wife 56 MO same place G6
Priscilla dau 28 MO same place C2 teacher $720
Marie dau 20 MO same house H4
Barrett, Orla sis-in-law 36 MO same house H4 teacher $680
Wanda niece 16 MO same house H3
Jean niece 14 MO same house H1
WAKEFIELD, Carrie Jane (I4765)
502 Documents: marriage liscense
May have entered USA in New Orleans. According to Corinne M Moore,
Margaret met Wm Coy in New Orleans.

Died of pnuemonia, Fureral Director Cullen & Kelly.
Her address given in StLGS index is 9th & Penn Ave, E St Louis

1860 St Louis Co, MO - St Louis City, Ward 10
Coy, William C 30 IN Engineer
Mary A 29 Ireland
William 5 MO
George 1 MO

1880 St Clair Co, IL - E St Louis, 4th Ward, taken 10 Jun
page 32, supv dist 7, ED 37 (39?), house 261 family 309
Coy, William C 52 IN PA PA engineer on steam boat
Mary 48 wife Ire Ire Ire keeping house
William H 25 son MO IN Ire employee of stock
George 21 son " " " "
Ada 14 dau " " " at home
Maryetta 16 dau " " " "
Charles 13 son " " " "
Ada 23 d in law MO PA MD? keeping house

Death listed in "Deaths Outside of the City vol2 pg 68" in StL Death Register Index 
MCGUIRE, Mary Ann (I3099)
503 Documents: obituary, death certificate

1860 Adams Co IL
Moses, George P 33 OH moulder
Marritta 26 OH
Edward 6 MO
Charles 4 IL
Georgiana 2 IL
Mary Johnson 15 IL domestic

1870 St Louis Co MO - M593 Roll 821 page 456
Ward 11 Subdivision 20, taken 23 July
Moses, Geo 35 PA moulder
Maggie 35 OH keeps house
Edw. 16 MO app. moulder
Chas. 14 IL at school
Ada 12 MO at school
Laura 10 MO at school
Garriston Hall 20 MO teamster

1880 St Clair Co, IL - E St Louis, 4th Ward, taken 10 Jun
page 32, supv dist 7, ED 37 (39?), house 261 family 309
Coy, William C 52 IN PA PA engineer on steam boat
Mary 48 wife Ire Ire Ire keeping house
William H 25 son MO IN Ire employee of stockyards
George 21 son " " " "
Ada 14 dau " " " at home
Maryetta 16 dau " " " "
Charles 13 son " " " "
Ada 23 d in law MO PA MD? keeping house

1900 St Clair Co IL 1209 Pennsylvania Ave, E. St Louis
taken 13 June, house 525 family 579 pg 207A line 37
Coy, William Jan 1856 MO IN Ireland livestock dealer
Ada wife Mar 1859 IL PA OH
George A son May 1881 IL MO IL asst livestock dealer
Corinne dau Dec 1885 IL MO IL
Ada dau Feb 1889 IL MO IL
William H son Mar 1893 IL MO IL
mrd 20 years 4/4 kids rents

1910 St Clair Co IL - 1738 Belmont Ave, E St Louis Ward 6
SD 13 ED 126 Sheet 5B house 83 family 118 line 77
Coy, William H 55 MO IN Ireland livestock salesman
Adah wife 52 IL OH IN
Corinne dau 24 IL MO IL
Adah dau 21 IL MO IL
William son 17 MO MO IL
mrd 29 years 4/4 kids rents

1920 Denver Co CO - Denver City
taken 03 Jan by Nellie L M Reek
ED 46 Sheet 2b line 67
hosue 41/41 South Pennsylvannia St (or Ave)
Coy, Adah G 67 IL PA OH widow rents
Corinne M dau 30 IL OH IL single
William H son 26 MO OH IL single live stock dealer

1930 St Clair IL Census - Centerville
ed 82-34 page 44b taken 15 May by Mary C Jones
line 71 Julian Ave house 958/973
Coy, Adah 72 IL PA OH widow
Corinne dau 46 IL MO IL single
McRaven, Corinne gdau 14 MO IL IL
22 years old at time of first marriage
$8000 no radio

According to Corinne McRaven Moore, when Adah was about 14- 16, her
father died. To support her mother Adah went to work in a paper bag
factory and became manager of her division. Full name: Georgia Adah
Leanora Priscella Moses 
MOSES, Georgia Adah (I3284)
504 Donham Hill Cem SWEM, Mary (I4452)
505 Douglas Cem MCCLURE, Mary (I3000)
506 Douglas Cem PHILLIPS, Stephan Craig (I3672)
507 Dunkard Cem CARSON, Albert B (I1129)
508 Dutches County NY Malitia - Associated Exempts
Rank - Enlisted Men
William Goodgoin
Taken from NY in the Rev as Colony and State, Vol 1 Extracts, pg 153 pub by JB Lyon Albany NY, 1904
also shown for Vol 2 originally published 1897, now online

may not be same guy 'cuz there is a Wm Goodgion in Shawangunk, Ulster, NY in 1800 as well as

1800 Greenville, SC number 533
Goodgine, Wm
1 male < 10
1 male 26-44
1 female 16-25

Robs Goodgine also in Greenville Co in 1800

There are Goodjoins in Maury Co in late 1820's and in 1840's.

A Wm. Goodgion signed a petition to claim land in the Congressional Reservation Oct 1813 to TN Seneate and House of Rep.
Anserching News (Memphis Genealogical Soc) Jul 1962, pg 81

Wills and Settlements Book C Vol 1, 1807-1810 Maury Co TN pg 342 Sale of John Dickson decd, 16 Nov 1819 buying: William Goodjoin 
GOODGOIN, William (I1974)
509 E Woodlawn Cem MOORE, Jules Verne (I3258)
510 East Newbern Cem BATTON, Gerald Dunn (I67)
511 Ebenezer Baptist Church HARRIS, Mary (I2229)
512 Ebenezer Church Cem TREADWAY, Daniel (I4546)
513 Ebenezer Church Cem JONES, Mary Margaret (I2572)
514 Edgemon-Wildwood Cem EDGMON, William Stephenson (I1681)
515 Edgemon-Wildwood Cem HARDY, Martha (I2187)
516 Edgmon Cem ALLEN, Jane (I322)
517 Edgmon Cem DEATHERAGE, Nancy (I1510)
518 Edgmon Cem EDGMON, Kimbel (I1647)
519 Edgmon Cem EDGMON, Martha Jane (I1651)
520 Edgmon Cem EDGMON, Polly (I1661)
521 Edgmon Cem EDGMON, Samuel Deatherage (I1670)
522 Edgmon Cem PERCY, Sarah (I3635)
523 Edgmon Cem PHILLIPS, Kissiah (I3663)
524 Edgmon Family Cem EDGMON, Margaret (I1649)
525 Edgmon Family Cem EDGMON, Mary Polly (I1654)
526 Edgmon Family Cem MATTHEWS, Aaron (I2981)
527 Edgmon Graveyard BOONE, Martha (I672)
528 Edgmon Graveyard EDGMON, Thomas (I1673)
529 Elizabeth McCullough married twice before she married Green Barrett
1st to James D Wiggins before 1850; 2nd to a Mr. Turner by 1854

Served in 68th Regt E Mo Militia

BARRETT, Green (I550)
530 Ellinjay Cem WAKEFIELD, Charles (I4769)
531 Elmwood Cem GARLINGTON, William Henry Clinton (I1826)
532 Elmwood Cem SULLIVAN, Alfred (I177)
533 Elmwood Cem ?, Adilee (I182)
534 enlisted at Ironton, Iron, MO for 121 days; furnished own horse WAKEFIELD, James Richard (I4791)
535 enlisted at Patterson, Wayne, MO; died at hospital at Nashville WAKEFIELD, William P (I4827)
536 Enlisted on [Chestnut, Cherment, ??] Hill near Philadelpia, German Town, Twp
PA in Oct 1775. Was in Battles of Quebec and Long Island (27 Aug 1776)
under Col Miles, ?Sterlings" Brigade
1st Rifle Regt of PA

Moved from Granville Co, NC to Sullivan Co, TN about 1800

First pension application 20 May 1818.

Pension Roll of 1835
Jacob Slaughter
Sullivan Co, TN
prvt NC Continental Line
$96.00 annual allowance
$1491.73 amt recd
05 Jan 1821 pension started
age 78

There is a John Slaughter 1782 Halifax VA Census p. 23
1782 Nash, NC
1782 Camden, NC

Listed as taxpayers in NC are Jacob and Jacob Jr in 1784 in Granville co, NC; several Johns, but none in Granville Co 
SLAUGHTER, John Jacob (I4141)
537 Ensay Cem LUCAS, William Alfred (I5177)
538 Evergreen Cem PHILLIPS, Dorothy M (I71)
539 Evergreen Cem BENNETT, Elizabeth (I61)
540 Evergreen Cem BEHYMER, Clara (I157)
541 Fairview Cem EDGMON, Buford Oren (I16)
542 Family Archives CD 162 Source (S243)
543 Family Archives CD 162 Source (S243)
544 Family History: New England Families #2 CD 159

CANFIELD Sergeant Thomas Canfield,
the immigrant ancestor, was
born in England. His surname
Canfield is also spelled Camfield and
Campfield. He was early at Milford, Connecticut,
but not among the first settlers, although
coming as early as 1647 from New
Haven, where he first located and had a grant
of three acres for a home lot. He was made
freeman in 1669; was representative to the
general court from Milford in 1673-74-76;
sergeant of the train band, May, 1669; and
deputy to the general assembly, 1674-76. He
was admitted to the church in 1657, and he
was taxed in 1686. He died at Milford between
February 23, 1687-88, and August 22,
1689. His will was dated February 23, 1687.

There is some confusion that this will might be for his
son Thomas. ?????

Sons Thomas and Jeremiah are listed as original proprietors
of New Milford, CT in 1727. Lots 40 and 99 respectively. 
CANFIELD, Thomas (I1119)
545 Family History: New England Families #2 CD 159

John (2) Sheldon, son of William
Sheldon, settled in Kingston, Rhode Island,
where he died in 1706. He and forty-one
others of Narragansett signed a petition to

the king, July 29, 1679, "to end the difference
about the government thereof which hath been
so fatal to the prosperity of the place, animosities
still arising in people's minds, as they
stand affected to this or that government."
He bought two hundred and thirty acres of
land, October 20, 1683, near Pettasomscott, of
Benjamin Congdon for seven pounds. He was
taxed in 1687. His will was dated August 15,
1704, and proved January 16, 1706. His eldest
son John was executor and residuary legatee.
Children: John, Isaac, mentioned below;
Joseph, Elizabeth, Abigail, Mary, Dinah
SHELDON, John (I4110)
546 Farnsworth Cem HARSHBARGER, William (I2255)
547 Farnsworth Cem HARSHBARGER, Emma L (I2238)
548 Farnsworth Cem BROWN, Emily J (I868)
549 Farnsworth Cem HARSHBARGER, James L (I2242)
550 father might have been Thomas Smith b 1720 VA died aft 1797 Rockingham, NC

may have had a brother named Drury who married 1) Elinor Grogan, 2)1766 Betsie Vaugh. he d 29 jun 1822 Rockingham, NC age 76

Williamson County, TN Will Book 4, pg 55
In the name of God Amen I John Smith Senior of the State of Tennessee this west end of said state and County of Williamson being weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory thanks be to the Almighty God for his blessings and calling to mind the uncertainty of human life and being desirous to dispose of all sort of worldly substance as it has pleased God to bless me with I give and bequeath the same in the manner following that is to say:

1st I give to my beloved wife ELIZABETH SMITH all my estate consisting of four negroes named first Clarise, Sucky, Sims and Edmond and lastly all the rest, residue and remainder of my personal estate goods and chattels of what kind and nature soever I give and bequeath the same to my said beloved wife Elizabeth Smith during her natural life and after the decease of my beloved wife Elizabeth Smith that the above named four negroes with
all the rest of my estate I wish and desire to be sold accordance to law and divided among my children as follows.

1st I give and bequeath the sum of three dollars to my son in law RICHARD CAMPBELL in current bills. I give and bequeath to my daughter SMITHE CAMPBELL one Dollar in money. I give and bequeath to my son JOHN SMITH one hundred and fifty Dollars in in money. The rest of the money arising from my estate to be divided between my other children first SIMION SMITH, WILLIAM SMITH, ARTHUR SMITH, DRURY SMITH, JAMES HIX my son in law, JOSEPH KELLY my son in law, PENNY CAMPBELL, THOMAS KELLY, LIDIA LABIN.

I hearby wish and order that my beloved wife Elizabeth, my sons John Smith and Simion Smith Executors to this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made. In witness whereof I have hearunto set my hand and seal the 3rd day of January 1824. John x Smith SEAL 
SMITH, John (I5405)

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