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401 Chaonia Cem SOLLARS, James A (I4208)
402 Chaonia Cem HARSHBARGER, William Wilford (I2256)
403 Chaonia Cem HARSHBARGER, Permelia Ardena (I2251)
404 Chaonia Cem BAILEY, Thomas George (I439)
405 Chaonia Cem BAILEY, Mary Elizabeth (I432)
406 Chaonia Cem BAILEY, Emily Frances (I424)
407 Chapel Hill Cem WINGO, Adaline Eva (I5028)
408 Chapel Hill Cem SOLLARS, Elsie Louise (I197)
Charles Co, an inventory of the goods and chattels of Abel Wakefield late of said county, deceased, and appraised
in current money the 11 day of April, 1734.

Able Wakefield is listed as Adm. of Elizabeth Wakefield (mother) property in May 5th, 1733. John Wakefield and
Wilson I. Jencine are listed as kin.
WAKEFIELD, Abel (I4754)
410 Charlie Cothron Cem LINVILLE, Iredell Hiram (I2862)
411 Charlie Cothron Cem HARGIS, Juno Gammelia (I2193)
412 Charlie Cothron Cem BURROW, Sealy (I1052)
413 Check Monroe IN and some place in KY for children's births. there is conflicting info.

1850 Ozark Co MO Census
Dist 45, page 18 taken 19 Sep
line 18, house 227/227
Leakey, Simon 71 NC farmer
Mary 60 NC
Enos 17 IN laborer
Kissey 2 MO
Sarah 1 MO

next door
Leakey, Simon 21 IN farmer (could be IA not IN)
Hannah 19 MO 
LAKEY, Simon (I2761)
414 Cherry Grove CECIL, Martin (I1208)
415 Cherry Grove VILLINES, Nathaniel (I4720)
416 Cherry Grove Cem CECIL, Joseph (I1204)
417 Cherry Grove Cem CECIL, Martha Jane (I1207)
418 Cherry Grove Cem PENN, Margaret (I3631)
419 children's death dates are suspiciously close together ... HAMMOND, John (I2149)
420 Chilmark Cem MERRY, Hannah (I3176)
421 City Cem EDGMON, William T (I1682)
422 Claude Cem VILLINES, Lucinda Alice (I4715)
423 Claude Cem BLACKWOOD, Isaac Newton (I653)
424 Cleveland Cem HALBROOK, Clarence Bowman (I2085)
425 Cleveland Cem HAMMOND, Jennie E (I2144)
426 Clifton Cem ANDREWS, Elizabeth (I350)
427 Clifton Cem ANDREWS, Jacob (I353)
428 Clifton Cem ANDREWS, James (I354)
429 Clifton Cem ANDREWS, Jefferson Perry (I358)
430 Clifton Cem ANDREWS, John (I359)
431 Clifton Cem ANDREWS, John C (I360)
432 Clifton Cem ANDREWS, Mary (I364)
433 Clifton Cem ANDREWS, Melissa (I367)
434 Clifton Cem ANDREWS, Robert (I371)
435 Clifton Cem CHAFFIN, Caroline Adalaide (I1238)
436 Clifton Cem CHAFFIN, Louisa Josephine (I1243)
437 Clifton Cem CHAFFIN, Margaret Melvirah (I1244)
438 Clifton Cem CHAFFIN, Robert M (I1247)
439 Clifton Cem CHAFFIN, Robert Murry (I1248)
440 Clifton Cem CLIFTON, Sarah Louise (I1300)
441 Clifton Cem DOUGLAS, Jennie Tempie (I1568)
442 Clifton Cem MUSE, George W (I3300)
443 Clutterbuck Farm FISH, Priscilla (I1755)
444 Coburg Cem LUCAS, George Albert Thayer (I5185)
445 Coburg Cem LUCAS, Alfred Henry (I5541)
446 Coldham gives reference to Public Records Office, London document E157/20 as his source for emmigration. REED, George (I3884)
447 Coldwater Methodist Cem WAKEFIELD, Martha Susan (I165)
448 Columbia Cem MAHARREY, Juanita (I2905)
449 Columbia Cem MOORE, Carsten Verne (I3238)
450 Columbia Cem WILSON, Gladys (I5022)

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