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351 Bracken Cem KENDALL, Caroline Elizabeth (I2659)
352 Bracken Cem HOLDEN, John (I2382)
353 Bracken Cem BRACKEN, Mary Ann (I791)
354 Bracken Cem BRACKEN, Jacob Fredrick (I772)
355 Bracken Cem MIZE, Ella (I3209)
356 Bracken Cem PARROTT, William D (I3497)
357 Bracken Cem WITT, Martha Patsy (I5062)
358 Bracken Cem BRACKEN, William (I804)
359 Bracken Cem BRACKEN, Rachael A (I792)
360 Bracken Cemetery is located 1 mile south of Thebes on Route 3 on the
Lanier Farm. 
WITT, Martha Patsy (I5062)
361 Bradley Cem TUMBLESON, Jemima (I4600)
362 Bradley Cem KEMP, Harry W (I5424)
363 Brighton General Cem JOHNSON, Ivy Margaret (I5178)
364 Brooke Cem BROWN, Oliver (I904)
365 Brookside Cem MOORE, Don Bennett (I3241)
366 Brookside Cem SWEM, Daisy Arnold (I4438)
367 Brownie Cem LETURNO, Hannah Theodocia (I2827)
368 Brownie Cem BRACKEN, Samuel Warren (I797)
369 Buffalo Cem BOWEN, Elizabeth (I679)
370 Buffalo Cem CASEY, Abner (I1149)
371 Buffalo Cem CASEY, Jesse (I1154)
372 Buffalo Cem CASEY, Jesse (I1156)
373 Buffalo Cem WAYNE, Mary (I4874)
374 Buffalo Cem CASEY, Anthony (I41)
375 Buffalo Cem CARLTON, Effie E (I1124)
376 Bundy Cem BECHTELHEIMER, Joseph (I573)
377 Buried at Calvary Cemetery, St Louis in Section 2 lot 419

St Louis City Directory Residential Entries
1859, 1860 427 N 9th Street
1861, 1862 directory not published
1863 only business listings publishedi
1864 423 N 9th Street
1865, 1866 536 N 9th Street
1867 - 1872 2819 N 9th Street

In the 1854 & 1855 St Louis Directory there is an Abraham Coy who was
an engineer on the lower Miss River living at 156 Pine. In 1860, Abraham Co, engineer
res East 13th, between Benton and Warren

Also in 1854-55 - In the appendix, List of Licensed engineers includes William C Coy, pg 64, but he's not listed as a resident.

St Louis City Directory list of licensed engineers
1857 p. 303 W.C. Coy, and Abraham Cloy

Lloyd's Steamboat Directory
1856 p. 302 List of Pilots and Engineers at St Louis
Wm C Coy, first class

Served as asst engineer on steamer JC Swon in US service from Dec 1862 - Feb 1863 (Charles Parsons Papers, MO History Museum in STL) JC Swon was on MS River at Young's Point LA 21 Jan - 31 Jan 1863

Board of Supervising Inspectors of Steam Vessels, Oct 1867
Engineer licensed in St Louis during year ending 20 Sep 1867
p. 137 William C Cay, first class 13 renewals
" Abraham Cay. first class 13 renewals

Board of Supervising Inspectors of Steam Vessels, Jan 1870
Engineer licensed in St Louis during year ending 31 Dec 1869
p. 154 William C Coy, first class 15 renewals
" Abraham Coy, first class 14 renewals

Documents: marriage certificate
Occupation: river engineer

1860 Census St Louis Co, MO - St Louis City, Ward 10, Page 374
taken 07 Jun dwelling 355 family 349 line 24
Coy, William C 30 IN Engineer
Mary A 29 Ireland
William 5 MO
George 1 MO

1863 Civil War Draft (ancestry)
Class II
North 9th - Coy William age 36 boatman, born OH

1880 St Clair Co, IL - E St Louis, 4th Ward, taken 10 Jun
page 32, supv dist 7, ED 37 (39?), house 261 family 309
Coy, William C 52 IN PA PA engineer on steam boat
Mary 48 wife Ire Ire Ire keeping house
William H 25 son MO IN Ire employee of stockyards
George 21 son " " " "
Ada 14 dau " " " at home
Maryetta 16 dau " " " "
Charles 13 son " " " "
Ada 23 d in law MO PA MD? keeping house

Possible relative, maybe brother 1850 Harrison Co, MO District 27
Coy, Milton 32 IN Farmer
Marium 26 NC
William H 10 IA
Anderson 8 MO
Isaac N 6 MO
Alexander 9/12 MO
Also there in 1860.

There is a Millon Coy in Henry Co, IN in 1840
Milton Coy mrd Matilda Brown 23 Apr 1839 in Henry Co IN
Milton Coy m. Mariam Mahaley Brown 16 Feb 1843 in Daviees Co, MO
In Bourbon Co KS in 1865(KS State Census on Ancestry)

Possibly the Milton Coy b1815 IN living in Newton Co in 1880

Copied by Robert M. Doerr, Editor, Missouri State Genealogical Association Journal

1 Copied from Anzeiger des Westens Sonntagsblatt, 18 Mar 1877, Supplement, pages 5-7. Published in St. Louis, Missouri. Original at St. Louis Public Library. Microfilm at State Historical Society of Missouri.
2 A search revealed no other newspaper that had published this list.

Signers include William C Coy

Death listed in "Deaths Outside the City Vol. 2, pg 98" of the StL Death Registers

From the Memphis Daily Appeal - 22 Sep 1872, pg 1 col 3 "River Soundings"
A Kansas City exchange says the live freight on the Alice is immense; for instance: the first engineer,Abraham Coy,weighs two hundred and eighty pounds, gross. The second engineer, William Coy, weighs three hundred and forty-six pounds, besides being six feet five inches in hight[sic]. ...

COY, William C (I1419)
378 Burkburnett Cem TUMBLESON, Virginia May (I4605)
379 Burkburnett Cem PATRICK, Samuel Ritchie (I173)
380 Burkburnett Cem PATRICK, Daisy Lou (I175)
381 Burwood Cem SHERWOOD, Mary Helen/Ellen (I5550)
382 Burwood Cem GAMLIN, Arthur (I5460)
383 Burwood Cem BIDGOOD, Alice (I5476)
384 by a cart BROWN, Joseph (I890)
385 Cain Creek Burying Ground HADLEY, Hannah (I2045)
386 Cairo Citizen
Saturday, 19 Sep 1903:
Thomas W. McRaven, an old resident of McClure, died at his home in Current View, Mo., on Aug. 19th, and his remains were brought here for interment. He left a wife and three children. His brother, Dr. P. H. McRaven, was at his bedside when he died and accompanied the remains to its old home. His health had been failing for three years. He held a policy for $1,500 in the Equitable Insurance Co. 
MCRAVEN, Thomas W (I3163)
387 Cairo Citizen - 06 Feb 1905
Benjamin McRaven Expired from Cold Last Night.

Message Received by His Brother, Dr. P. H. McRaven, Who Was in Cairo, Calling Him Home.

Benjamin McRaven, a prominent citizen of McClure, in this county, was frozen to death last night. The news of his death came to his brother, Dr. P. H. McRaven, who was in Cairo today, in a telegraphic message summoning him to come at once and bring Coroner McManus. How it happened, the dispatch did not say. He was well when Dr. McRaven left home Sunday. Dr. McRaven left for McClure this afternoon.

Mr. McRaven was about 36 years of age and leaves a wife and three children. 
MCRAVEN, Benjamin Franklin (I3129)
388 Cairo Citizen - 20 Apr 1893
Washington McRaven Dead.
In our issue of March 30th we mentioned the serious illness of Mr. Washington McRaven of Wheatland. He died April 3rd. Mr. McRaven was one of the oldest citizens of Alexander County and must have been about seventy years of age. He left a widow and one child, the wife of George W. Childress and several grandchildren, whose parents have died. He was a good citizen and his death was a loss to the community in which he lived. 
MCRAVEN, Washington (I3164)
389 Cairo Citizen, 05 May 1892
The remains of Mrs. H. G. Waggoner were on the 26th removed from the Bracken Cemetery and buried in the Thebes Cemetery. 
BRACKEN, Fanny (I764)
390 Calvary Cem HAIDKAMP, Adelaide C (I2073)
391 Calvary Cem COY, William C (I1419)
392 Calvary Cem COY, Minnie (I1418)
393 Calvary Cem COY, Charles I (I1414)
394 Calvary Cem COY, Adah L (I1412)
395 Calvary Cem MCGUIRE, Mary Ann (I3099)
396 Calvary Cem COY, Paul Joseph (I275)
397 Calvary Cem COY, Edith (I274)
398 Calvary Cem COY, Mary Francis (I276)
399 Came from England as a servant in the family of Mr Thomas Bittlestone, in whose recorded will
it provided that his wife, Elizabeth, shall have the services of his boy, John Swan, and shall pay
him five pounds. John, the immigrant, married Rebecca Palfrey, and had a grant of land in Cambridge
of 20 acres.
SWAN, John (I4412)
400 Came to Choctaw, VB, AR from Cherokee Co. GA in 1857

1820 Census - Ansonc, NC
Steagall - pg 58 line 11
Arthur Treadaway
1 m < 10 1 f 16 - 26
1 m 10 - 16
1m 16 - 26
2 in commerce

1830 Census - Buncombe, NC
p 219 line 9
Arthur Thredway
2 male < 5 1 fem <5
2 males 5-10 1 fem 5-10
1 male 30-40 1 fem 20-30
1 fem 70-80

Henderson Co, NC 1840 Census
page 143 line 31
Tredaway, Arthur
2 male < 5 2 female < 5
2 10 - 15 2 5 - 10
2 15 - 20 2 15 - 20
1 40 - 50 1 40 - 50
1 80 - 90
1 person in agriculture
Margaret Tredaway age 85, Rev War Pensioner

Henderson Co, NC 1850 Census - taken 30 July
page 221 line 28 house 106 / 106
Tredaway, Arthur 55 blacksmith
Lucretia 45
Elizabeth 18
GW 15 male
DL (T?) 14 male
Martha 10
FM 7 male
AC 6 female

Van Buren Co AR 1860 Census - Red River Twp taken 22 Aug
page 86 line 33 568 / 574
Treadway, Arthur 62 NC blacksmith $180 personal estate
Lucretia 57 NC
Francis M 18 NC male
David 22 NC
James 4 MS

Four sons of Arthur and Lucretia served in Company C, 10th Regiment of the Confederate Arkansas Infantry during the Civil War; LG, EAJ, DT, and FM. They were known as the "Choctaw Riflemen" of Van Buren County, and enlisted July 16, 1861 at Springfield, Arkansas. E. Andrew Jackson died in 1862 during his service in Atlanta, Georgia. LG was discharged 29 March 1862 "by Surgeon's Certificate"; he must have been sick or injured. DT and FM became Prisoners Of War, being captured inJuly 1863 at Fort Henderson, LA. Both returned to Van Buren, Arkansasat the end of the war. 
TREADWAY, Arthur Lee (I4541)

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