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251 Amelia IOOF Cem BOWMAN, Diadama (I2935)
252 Amelia IOOF Cem BEHYMER, Nathaniel (I611)
253 Amelia IOOF Cem BEHYMER, Nancy (I610)
254 Amelia IOOF Cem BEHYMER, Joel (I604)
255 Amelia IOOF Cem ?, Nancy (I231)
256 Amelia IOOF Cem MONJAR, Dr. Charles James (I3215)
257 Amelia IOOF Cem MONJAR, James (I3218)
258 Amelia IOOF Cem MONJAR, Mary Priscilla (I3221)
259 Amelia IOOF Cem MOORE, Edwin F (I3242)
260 Amelia IOOF Cem MOORE, Ida B (I3254)
261 Amelia IOOF Cem PEASE, Sarah (I3590)
262 Amelia IOOF Cem PEASE, Tristan (I3602)
263 Amelia IOOF Cem SHORT, Charity (I4121)
264 Amelia IOOF Cem SWEM, John (I4448)
265 Amelia IOOF Cem SWEM, William (I4459)
266 Amelia ME Cem MOORE, Enoch (I3247)
267 American Genealogist - vol 58 p 99
20 Nov 1799 Bristol CT land records
Comfort Gillet of Bristol "in consideration of a comfortable maintenance during
my natural life from William Gillet, my son, convey a certain piece of land in Bristol
in fourth tier, north on Zebulon Gillet ... and is land given me by my late husband
John Gillet"

1800 Litchfield, CT - New Hartford
printed page 99, line 11
Gillett, Comfort
1 male 16 - 25 1 female > 45

Death Notice reads, "Comfort Gillet died age 91, Burlington."
Hartford Courant, Hartford, CT 23 Dec 1828
PLUMB, Comfort (I3708)
268 An Alxr Leackey is listed as tax payer in Orange Co NC in 1755 - Ratcliff NC Taxpayers Vol 1. Also listed is a Wm.
LAKEY, Alexander (I2741)
269 an excerpt from The Daily Oklahoman (Oklahoma City, OK) 27 Feb 1977, pg 186 "The Man Who Killed Ned Christie" by Aileen Stroud Libke

Ned Christie was 33 when the tragedy the blighted his occurred. The first episode took place at or near and illicit whiskey store in the woods not far from Tahlequah, capital of the Cherokee Nation. Accounts vary, as with so many of the historical events of the Old West where no written records were attempted until years after the occurrence.

One version says that a fight inside the joint caused US Deputy Marshal Daniel Maples to be summoned. A quarrel developed between Christie and the deputy, and Christie shot him. Another version claimed by the Bowman family as the correct one is as follows:

Deputy Marshal Maples was on a routine search for a rumored illegal whiskey joint one night. He was on a bridge across the Illinois River approaching the place when the door opened and silhouetted against the light inside, two Indians staggered out. Without identifying himself, and invisible to the two men walking in the light from the open door, Deputy Maples called out to them.

One whirled and shot, and Maples was found the next day where he had fallen from the bridge into the water near the bank. The Indians escaped, but later one was captured. He claimed, but without proof, that his companion Ned Christie had fired the gun. Chirstie avoided capture, and in the next seven years became the most hunted outlaw in the Indian Territory. 
MAPLES, Daniel (I251)
270 US Presbyterian Church Records, 1701-1970
Ohio, New Richmond, Baptisms, Briths, Deaths 1793-1866

Congressional Records, pg 29
William and Mrs. Alice Swem, adults, baptized 25 Aug 1839

Congressional Records, pg 62
Wm. Swem suspended 08 Aug 1841 excommunicated 30 Dec 1842

Per The Standards of the Reformed Presbyterian Church Evangelical Synod, 1979, Vol 2, 6-16, pg 70
"12. When after the passing of a year, a suspended person has failed to repent, it may be the duty of the court to impose further censure and it may proceed to deposition or excommunication or both, after investigation of the present status of the person involved and consideration of the effect of the action upon the church." 
SWEM, William (I4459)
271 Andersonville National Cem, site 7283 BELL, Abraham S (I5152)
272 Anna Cem BRACKEN, Sarah (I798)
273 Anna Cem RICHARDSON, Henry Francis (I312)
274 Application date, not ceremony date Family F13
275 application date, not marriage ceremony date Family F7
276 applied for a pension in VB in 1901
is listed in 1911 questionaire 
WARD, Minor W (I4858)
277 appointed husband's executrix by Oliver Cromwell 31 Oct 1656

maybe sister of Francis Kendall

Coldham gives reference to Public Records Office, London document E157/20 as his source for emmigration.
KENDALL, Mabel (I2678)
278 Archibald is most likely one of the approximately 200 soldiers buried at Fort Atkinson (now Fort Calhoun), NE. The following is taken from an opinion NE Attorney General gave in 1994. (full text at

"Veterans organizations and other local parties in the Fort Calhoun area have apparently expressed interest in locating and commemorating in some fashion the cemetery where more than 200 soldiers and dependents from the Cantonment Missouri and Fort Atkinson were buried from 1819 through 1827. The cemetery is believed to be approximately one and one-half miles north of the historic site of Fort Atkinson in Washington County based, in part, upon six graves which were discovered and excavated in 1956 and 1958, but the exact location of the cemetery is unknown. The suspected location of the cemetery is on private land which has been cultivated for many years obscuring any surface evidence of the graves, and further archeological investigations would be necessary to confirm the location of the cemetery and determine its extent."

His friend and fellow Army musician, John Meyers, asked that an investigation be made into Archibald's death. I have not yet found whether an investigation was conducted. Need to check NARA Records of US Army Continental Commands, 1821-1920, Record Group 393.7 Records of Posts 1820-1940.

Archibald and John Meyers' Bounty Warrants are 23.014 and 23.015 respectively. The land called out in the warrant is in Lee County Arkansas, 160 acres side by side, and was claimed in 1819. 
MCRAVEN, Archibald (I191)
279 Arrived aboard the Francis in 1634
PEASE, John (I3553)
280 As part of Moses Scott Phillips' probate is the following entry ( IL wills and probate records, 1772-1999; Alexander Co, Estates Probate Files, Vol P, 1829-1859) "Thebes Ill Sept 18 1852
Recd of Thomas McClure guardian of Moses Scott Phillips in full for tuition at my school in spring of 1851 one dollar and fifty cents
J. H Samson"

There is a Joseph H Sampson listed in the 1850 Census Cape Girardeau Co, MO, district 14. occupation teacher

PHILLIPS, Moses Scott (I3669)
281 As part of Moses Scott Phillips' probate is the following entry ( IL wills and probate records, 1772-1999; Alexander Co, Estates Probate Files, Vol P, 1829-1859) "Thebes Ills Oct 30th 1854
Received of Thomas J. McClure Adr of Moses S. Phillips Deceased the sum of thirty five Dollars and 21 cts in full of Distribution share of Said Estate for the eighns [sic] of Lucinda Dexter Deceased under an order of the Alexander County Court to pay the legal each Eigh Silas Dexter guardian of the heirs of Lucinda Dexter" 
PHILLIPS, Lucinda (I3664)
282 Ashland Cem SOLLARS, Mary Jane (I4210)
283 Ashland Cem JOHNSON, William (I2561)
284 at Black Point RICHARDSON, James (I3956)
285 at home SOLLARS, Lena Ruby (I4214)
286 at sea HILLIARD, Emanuel (I2361)
287 at sea PEASE, Beriah (I3535)
288 at sea, aboard the Martin BALDWIN, Sylvester (I479)
289 Auman Cem BOREN, Benjamin Dolan (I674)
290 Auman Cem BOYD, Emma Ayers (I697)
291 Autopsy performed; cremated BENNETT, Zarilda J (I634)
292 Ava Cem ANDREWS, Thomas Hadley (I376)
293 Badmer Cem WAKEFIELD, Nancy Agnes (I4807)
294 Bairnsdale Cem
Tombstone appears to give death date as 02 Jun 1914. 
TURNER, Henry Allcard (I5179)
295 Bairnsdale Cem GAMLIN, Mary Elizabeth (I5180)
296 Bairnsdale Cem LUCAS, Alfonso James (I5503)
297 Baltimore Cem HARSHBARGER, Louisa (I2244)
298 Baltimore Pike MOORE, John L (I3257)
299 Baptist Church Cem HADLEY, Rachel (I2059)
300 Baptist Ford Cem WAKEFIELD, Henry (I4784)

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