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1551 Was nephew William S Moore's preceptor at the Eclectic Medical Institute of Cincinnati. MONJAR, DR Charles James (I3215)
1552 Was overseer of Richard Cole's plantation

migrated to Pittsylvania Co, VA then to Cumberland Co, NC abt 1756 where
he remained the rest of his life

Was visiting his son Daniel in Anson Co, NC when he died.

Supreme Court Records of Baltimore City, Baltimore Co., Maryland.
Know all men by these presents, that I Richard Treadway of Baltimore County in the Province of Maryland, Planter, for and in consideration of the sum or quantity of six hundred and seventy seven pounds of tobacco, and six barrels of Indian corn justly due and owing unto Aquila Paca of the County aforesaid, have bargained sold made over and delivered unto said Aquila Paca, all my share or third part of tobacco, and fourth part of the corn which I made on the said Aquila Paca's Forest Quarter, with the assistance of his two negroes in the year 1736, whichis still remaining on the said Plantation; all of which share or one third of tobacco and one fourth of corn as aforesaid is my own right; and is not transferred or disposed of to any other person whatsoever, but do herby for myself, my heirs, executors and assigns make over, transfrer and deliver unto the said Aquila Paca, his heirs and assigns, all my right title claim and interest of and to my assigns share of tobacco and corn above mentioned and to and for the proper use and benefit and advantage of him the said Aquila Paca, his heirs and assigns forever and do hereby for myself, my heirs and warrant and defend aforesaid tobacco and corn and every part thereof from all manner of personswhatsoever pretending any right or claim thereto as Witness my hand and seal this second day of November Anno Domini 1736. Richard R. Treadway (Seal) Witnessed by Sarah Whetcome and Edward Sanner.

Will - Cumberland Co., North Carolina

In the name of God Amen: I, Richard Tradaway, of North Carolina and County of Cumberland, being sound in body and of perfect mind and memory, thanks be to God for the same, but calling to mind the mortality ofmy body, that it is appointed for all me once to die, I do make, constitute, and ordain this my last Will and Testament. As for my soul, I commend it to God that gave it, as for my body, I leave it to the dustfrom where it came to be buried in a Christian like and descent manner asking only that all my just debts and funeral expenses be fully paid and satisfied, and as for my worldly estate I give and bequeath in manner and form following

Item - I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife Elizabeth Tradaway, my dwelling house with one third of my plantation and orchard, likewise my bed and one cow and calf, one mare and two ewes and one iron pot, one pewter dish and six pewter plates during her life, and at her demise the land and orchard to belong to my son Daniel Treadaway.

Item - I give and bequeath to my son Richard Tradaway on Shilling Sterling.

Item - I give and bequeath to my daughter John Tradaway one Shilling Sterling.

Item - I give and bequeath to my daughter Hannah Tradaway one Shilling Sterling.

Item - I give and bequeath my son Moses Tradaway one Shilling Sterling.

Item - I give and bequeath all the rest of my personable estate be equally divided between my son Daniel Tradaway and my two daughters, Sarah Tradaway and Dedimiah Treadaway.

Item - And the other two thirds of my land and plantation I give and bequeath to my son Daniel Tradaway, his Heirs, Executors, Administrators or Assigns after my demise.

And I do hereby Constitute and Appoint my wife, Elizabeth Tradaway and my son Daniel Treadaway my Executors of this my last Will and Testament. In witness wherof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 30thday of October 1774.

Signed sealed and published his In the presence of:

Richard {his "R" mark} Tradaway

Robert Smith, William Bathea, Joseph Gist

There is a Moses Treadway listed as tax payer in Brunswick Co, NC in 1784 per Ratcliff vol 2. Richard's son?
TREADWAY, Richard (I4578)
1553 Was perhaps named Gerturde ?, Gertrude (I25)
1554 Washington Cem MOORE, Donald Leroy (I194)
1555 Wayne Co Will Book 1 pg 15-17, 1892
GREGORY, Joseph Newton (I2002)
1556 West Bridgeport Cem BOYD, Frances Margaret (I698)
1557 West Bridgeport Cem LIPPS, Thadius H (I2867)
1558 West Bridgeport Cem LIPPS, Margaret Florence (I3)
1559 West Hill Cem CHAFFIN, James (I5239)
1560 West Hill Cem TURNER, Anne Honor (I5251)
1561 West Tisbury Cem MERRY, Joseph (I3177)
1562 Wethersfield Deeds
Vol 3 pg 76
Vol 4 pgs 23, 232

Newtown Deeds
vol 2: 242, 269, 271, 489
vol 5: 46, 297
vol 6: 66
vol 7: 319, 427
GILLETT, John (I1937)
1563 Wheeler Cem BROWN, Menisa (I900)
1564 Whippey may not be maiden name. May have been married prior. WHIPPEY, Hepsibah (I4934)
1565 Whitaker Cem TREADWAY, Elizabeth Ann Liddy (I4552)
1566 Whitaker Cem TAYLOR, Ranson Powell (I4494)
1567 White Cem WAKEFIELD, Bank (I5578)
1568 White Oak Cem MOORE, Allen (I3234)
1569 White Oak Cem MOORE, Nancy (I3261)
1570 wife Mahala has remarried by 1860
to John W Tray; still in Griggs twp, VB co, AR 
BURNETT, Stephen B (I1047)
1571 Wife may have been Mary Tipton. m. in Carter, TN

Place holder ...

Bruce Boyd
vs divorce
Lydia Boyd
Boone Co Chancery Court Record
Book A pg 200
divorce granted 07 Mar 1878
Boone County Circuit Court AR Probate Records 1817-1979 
BOYD, John (I705)
1572 Wife may have been Sarah, died 1752. So perhaps Elizabeth is second wife???
Have seen reference (Gen. of Hanks and Allied Families, Johnson) thatMoses
was son of this Luke and that Moses was orphaned at an early age.
HANKS, Luke (I2172)
1573 Wife's last name may have been Dodson not Davis
VILLINES, William Lonzo (I4735)
1574 Wife's last name may have been Kirby instead of Casey????
EDGMON, John Elsberry (I1644)
1575 Will - son Lewis, land adjoining Robert Newsum, Jr.; son Pilgrim, land adjoining Council Vick and William Newsum; son Joshua, land adjoining Lewis Vick and William Thomas; sn Richard, land adjioning Jacob Vick; son Giles, land adjoining John Everett; son Silas, land adjoining Jacob and Matthew Vick; wife Anne; daughter Mildred Newsum; daughter Sally Vick; daughter Piety Vick. Exs., sons Lewis and Pilgrim Vick and John Chitty, Sr. D. May 15 May 1782. R. 11 Nov 1784. Wit. W. Burwell Vick, Patience Vick, Dorcas Vick, John Jackson. Page 80 Southampton Co, Will Book 4 VICK, William (I4692)
1576 Will exists in Calvert Co MD
Wife Ann and William Dorrumple appt excrs

Lived on plantation called "Mears the Sprout"
Plantation still in existance

named as kinsman in will of Anthony Salway of Anne Arundel Co, MD 1668; source Balt Families by Barnes
SOLLERS, John (I4231)
1577 Will is available online; however Probate has been closed to the public. TURNER, James Hobson (I5181)
1578 Will lists sons-in-law
John Gustin
John Adams
Thomas Darley (or Darby)
John Hartshorne
(Savage says only that Gustin is s-i-l; others are listed as mentioned)
Also in will is wife Ester and "daughter Deborah of Jeremiah Meacham"
unfortunately, it is difficult to believe that this Deborah d of JohnBrown married Jeremiah Meacham.
According to Savage, Jeremiah Meacham (husb of Deborah d of John Brown) died at the age of 81 in 1695
after having 6 possibly 7 children with said wife. Several of these children being born prior to the birth of said wife.
This Jeremiah possibly being the father, unlce of Deborah's husband, etc

Is described by Savage in Dict of Gen as a Scotchman. Not given as John (b 1601) son. Much confusion and discussion on this.

Is described in wife's father's will as "of Marlborough"

Marriage was performed by Capt Humphrey Atherton, according to The Whittington-Brown Book by Winona Whittington (1965) 
BROWN, John (I881)
1579 Will lists the following heirs: son Giles, daus Eliz Joyner, Ann, Mary; wife Eliz
SMELLY, Lewis (I4150)
1580 will proved in July probate court 1802 Anson, NC WILLIAMS, Roland (I4995)
1581 William Edgmon; widow Martha; Co B 5th Tenn Cav
applied CSA pension 1892 in Boone AR 
EDGMON, William Stephenson (I1681)
1582 William Edgmon; widow Martha; Co B 5th Tenn Cav
applied CSA pension 1892 in Boone AR 
EDGMON, William T (I1682)
1583 William Love Cem HARSHBARGER, Samuel (I2253)
1584 Williamsburg Cem BEHYMER, Lewis B (I5260)
1585 Williamsville Cem WARREN, Bessie Jane (I60)
1586 Wolverton Mountain Cem HALBROOK, Ollie (I2104)
1587 Woodland Cem SPARKS, Hiram Peterson (I4256)
1588 Woodlawn Cem JONES, Robert L (I2576)
1589 Woodlawn Cem BAILEY, Rosalie (I436)
1590 Woodlawn Cem WARREN, Palo L (I55)
1591 Woodlawn Memorial Park CHAFFIN, Asineth D (I1236)
1592 Woolverton Cem WOLVERTON, John Thomas (I5090)
1593 Woolverton Cem WOLVERTON, James Matthew (I5081)
1594 Woolverton Cem WILLIAMS, Agatha (I4982)
1595 Woolverton Mtn Cem WOLVERTON, William Louis (I5110)
1596 Woolverton Mtn Cem WOLVERTON, Sarah Elizabeth (I5106)
1597 Woolverton Mtn Cem JOHNSON, James Wyatt (I2549)
1598 Woolverton Mtn Cem HALBROOK, Wiley Urijah (I2113)
1599 Woolverton Mtn Cem GOODGOIN, Letitia Elizabeth (I1971)
1600 Woolverton Mtn. Cem WOLVERTON, Christopher Houston (I5070)

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