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Gifford/ Sollars, Moore/ McRaven, Burnett/ Halbrook, Boyd/Villines and Turner/Lucas family trees are housed here.

Welcome to my website. I set it up in order to share documents and photos with family. Take a look around. Links to the left are family related items. Features to the right are place specific items. There are 5 family trees housed here. You can search them individually or all at once. The easiest thing to do is simply enter a name in the SEARCH box to the left. Click on the individual you'd like to learn more about (scroll to the bottom to see photos and documents linked to that person); then choose the Ancestors or Descendants tab to see the rest of the family. Last update Jul 2017

Feature Articles

feature 1 ABSTRACTS FROM THE CLERMONT SUN NEWSPAPER, CLERMONT COUNTY, OH ***Click on Histories at the far left. *** Check out the Histories at the far left. I have abstracted deaths, bastardy cases, divorces, and living persons over the age of 70 from the newspaper. So far, I abstracted papers from 06 Jan 1886 to 25 Apr 1888 and 03 Sep 1890 to 10 Jul 1895. The Clermont County Genealogical Society used to post these for me (thank you!), however, I find that it is easier to make corrections and additions from my own website. I am no longer updating the CCGS files.

feature 2 CHOCTAW SCHOOL ANNUAL REUNION SIGN-IN BOOKS, 1980-1995 Click on the title or check out the Histories at the far left. This is a transcription of attendees at the annual school reunion of Choctaw School in Van Buren County, AR 1980-1995. Beginning in 1980, Choctaw School held reunions on Memorial Day weekend. Students and teachers who attended these reunions represented classes from 1926 to 1934. The sign-in books were originally kept by Irma Halbrook Burnett.

feature 3 RIPLEY, OH TO VICTORIO, BRAZIL, 1920 In 1920 Jules Verne Moore accepted a wager to sail a houseboat from Ohio to Brazil. He was accompanied by his new bride Gladys Wilson, John Moss, Capt. and Mrs. Ted Miles, Nick and Margaret Germann, and Henry and Francis Messenger. At various points during the trip, they were also joined by Zelma Nickols, Frank Germann, Jack Reddick, Gordon Bailey, Al Reynolds, Earle Transue, and Moore's servant who was referred to by the newspapers as Chin, but was likely James Steinhall who was listed as Moore's servant in the 1920 census. This is from the scrapbook J.V. Moore kept during their journey. Click on the title or check out the Histories at the far left. It is a large file - be patient.

feature 4 DNA Tests You will see a new link at the left - DNA Tests. The actual results are not posted here, but for those who have had submitted DNA, I can now show type of test taken, vendor, and notes on where to access the results. All of the DNA samples that I am responsible for are posted on

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